Beppe Brancato is a photographer of Italian origin whose talent, knowledge and success coincide with his integrated awareness and instinctual ability as an individual. He is someone who firmly believes in the objectivity of oneself behind the camera. Someone who looks for the beauty and the story or depth behind its subjects. A person who welcomes the imperfection and the defaulted and unwelcomes any preconceived notions or dogmas. Strong believer in allowing the environment and its elements to be the protagonists and thus determine the evolution of a project. An individual who is ready to undertake any given task and be an empty canvas ready to absorb his surrounding and expand along with it. For Beppe Brancato personal accomplishment is conditioned when the photo speaks to each one of us. When each participant factor in the photo’s relevant territory whether people or objects, reveal a personality with a soul, in the way they are captured. Shadows, whether hard or soft, are commonly a strong technical asset and tool for the process of attaining the above:

“Shadows underline the importance and value of each subject
by embracing the context they exist in.”

Beppe Brancato’s career supports collaborations with design and architecture studios, artists, magazines, and agencies of international prestige.